Heroes are not born but are created in the face of adversity. They are ordinary individuals, who find the courage, strength and ability to overcome the odds when faced with the seemingly impossible.




HEDERA started with a single goal – to create the most complete goalkeeping glove possible.

We understand that it takes a special character to take on the responsibility of the most solitary and often loneliest role on the pitch. Whilst those around you seek the glory of scoring the winning goal, we know that all you care about is stopping them.

And when you do, you become a hero.




Achieved through rigorous testing and consultation with players and coaches, we decided upon a simple approach – to offer only one model – our unique OptiContact design and the very best Supreme Contact latex from Germany to give you the most complete glove possible, The Herculani.



We promise to continue working as hard as we can to produce the most complete goalkeeping glove on the market.

We promise to continue to be at the forefront of glove evolution to ensure you have the tools you need to be the best goalkeeper you can be.

We promise to be right there with you every minute of every training session and every match.

Every punch, catch, kick, block, one-on-one and penalty save.

Every time you are the hero that no one else was brave enough to be.