Do you offer any other palm cuts? (e.g. Flat Palm)

Finding the right glove used to be a complicated and prolonged process of trial and error or simply buying the same glove that your favourite player wore. With thousands of reviews and opinions it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed.

The team at HEDERA have changed all of this by creating our own signature OptiContact design.

After a prolonged period of testing and consultation with players and coaches alike we created the OptiContact design which provides the maximum catch contact surface area by combining the very best German Supreme Contact latex with a construction that includes an extended-wrap negative cut (outer fingers), double-wrapped thumb, extended-wrap palm and a negative cut on the middle two fingers.

The results are astonishing levels of grip, comfort and performance in ALL weather conditions.

Do you offer any other latex palms? (e.g. Aqua or Supersoft)

To keep the experience as simple as possible for you we decided to provide only one latex – the very best German Supreme Contact latex.

During our period of rigorous testing we found that this latex outperformed the other leading latex compounds in all weather conditions not only offering astonishing levels of grip but also incredible durability having suffered far less latex degradation than the other compounds.

We decided that you should only have the best latex, no matter what the elements throw at you.

What are your glove sizes like compared to other brands?

We base our glove sizes based on the circumference of the hand just below the knuckles. Please visit our Glove Size Guide page for more information.

Can I personalise the wrist strap?

We do not currently offer personalisation on our gloves.

Can I return my purchase?

Of course, but in the unlikely event you wish to make a return, please visit our Delivery & Returns page to make sure you match the eligibility criteria and then simply drop an email to returns@hederagoalkeeping.com to start the process.