Introducing the HEDERA OptiContact System

Supreme Contact Latex

Nothing but the best.

This 4mm Supreme Contact latex sourced from Germany gives the Herculani the best combination of outstanding grip, durability and comfort suitable for ALL weather conditions.

Independent Backhand Foam Panels

The protective 3mm foam panels have been individually stitched to the neoprene chassis to provide maximum mobility in the key joints of the hand whilst maintaining their protective integrity.

Stitchless Extended Palm

The Stitchless Extended Palm provides a smooth and seemless contact area for maximum grip designed especially for executing smothering or scooping techniques.


The unique wrapped negative OptiCut affords the same intimate contact as the standard Negative Cut but the direction of the wrap ensures a full & clean contact area for optimal handling as the ball enters the hands.

Ergonomic Punch Zone

The Ergonomic Punch Zone is made from flexible yet durable vulcanised rubber and the ridged design ensures excess fluid is drained away.  It has been individually stitched to the index and pinky finger to maximise mobility in the hand whilst the central fingers provide a firm surface for efficient ball contact when punching.

Easy Entry Wrist Strap

The Easy Entry Wrist Strap, including a rubber tab, ensures the fingertips of your gloves enjoy a longer lifespan as they endure minimal stress & damage when putting the gloves on.